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Dubai Church

Dubai Church…………………………The Oasis of Love.

We are a congregation of children of God committed to worshipping and adoring God. We preach salvation, being thankful in the reconciliation that our Lord Jesus Christ did for us.

We are also committed to learning the word of God as it is written in the Bible and also evangelizing to liberate souls of those held captive by the prince of this earth.

Above all we have learnt to enjoy our God, believing every bit of His Word and taking dominion over all he made for us to dominate.

The Love and Power of God flow within us because we understand that we are one family!

In all these therefore, we invite you to enjoy with us the inheritances God has provided for us all who believe in Him.


The Ministries in Dubai Church are all unique providing love and great brotherly interaction between brethren of different races. We know we are one Family.

House of Prayer: This is a praying ministry and the members of this ministry have refused to keep quiet until God makes every church member a praise on the surface of the earth. If you join them, you will be fire for God and no demon will come near your dwelling place.

Morning Sun: Healing and deliverance ministry that teaches on healing, deliverance, health, and they also do laying on of hands on the sick and the possessed and they are healed and delivered.

Faculty: Takes care of all the teaching in the church Family Bible Study, Church Bulletin, and Order of Service, educating members on career development and to enhance their educational progress and encourage academic excellence. They also foster self discipline and develop self esteem.

Ground Troops: These are the door keepers in the House of God and they comprise of brethren of all ages, ensuring orderliness in the church. They are also called the Ushers.

Media: Provides services related to audio, visual, printing, photography and telecommunication. All these are also called sub-committees in the media ministry.

Music: God sent ladies and gents who devotedly offer their voices unto the Lord. We have the Men Choir, Women Choir, Youth Choir and Children Choir.

Greeters: Brethren with lovely smiles welcoming other brethren as they come to meetings and Services.

Welfare: Identifying and meeting the need of Men of God in the house and in the field and also any need which may arise among brethren.

Mission: Collects essential commodities like clothing, food, money for men of God and people of God in rural and remote areas of the world. The brethren in this ministry select communities in need and send these essentials to them.

Drama: Groomed and talented actors and actresses teaching new and younger ones how to act and perform drama.

Men of Valor: This comprise of all the grown men teaching them to be disciplined as shown of them in the word of God, showing good examples to the younger ones coming after them.

Daughters of zion: Teaching the women to be virtuous, pure and a vessel of honor unto the Lord our God.

Unique youths: This is where the youths learn how to grow and be great. Living the kingdom lifestyle, marching, advancing and propagating the Word of God without fear of man but with fear of God

Kid in the house: Kids for Christ! Teaching kids to grow along with the Word of God.

If you are in the Dubai area and you want to worship with us, it is a great honor for us to truly have you,contact us through this email addresses below for location, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Be there if you can ……FRIDAY POWER SERVICE!

Bringing the Heart of God into the Heart of the Hearts of Men