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True-life experiences, Lives touched and changed by the Lord

Man of God I have realized that your coming to namibia was not in vain where most importantly when we met and I have learnt a lot from the fellowship we had and for that  I give glory to God.       

  Man of God I do appreciate the way you care for me and praying for me and please just know that what you have invested in my life I appreciated from the bottom of my heart. This may seems so little but really it is from the bottom of my heart. Bro Chris, Namibia

    This is a good christian website. love the Prayer part of it a lot, it is helping me to learn to pray more.we will want you to come to Iran. The people of Iran needs you.I saw that you have been to Iran. What part? please come again.We need what you have? I hope you do understand what I mean, please excuse my english. I want to give this testimony, my sister was at the place of death for three months, I took some of the prayers and prayed it for one week and my sister come back to life. even though she do not believe in Jesus, I know that Jesus is the one who brought her back to life. pls pray for all my family to know Jesus. I do not have any church, the only church I have is TBN. Some of my friends are always going through your website.keep adding new stuff. from Muhammed, Iran

 That which God has began through this ministry in my Life has really affected the way I pray and view life and for this i say thanks. Pastor Mason, St Lucia

 Thanx for coming to st slucia i really enjoy the word of the lord and i did learn alot of new things from you and i must say you have a very rich website great site. Bro Kercy, St Lucia



     I greet u in God`s mighty name, daddy, I’ve always believed ur prayers” I see God opening a great door unto u right now in the name of Jesus”. It has really been working for me. I have few testimonies to share aside from the lord sustaining me and preserving me.

     last month on the 17Th, my junior brother that was working for 9months without salary, stayed home for 6months,is now favorably employed in a better company without demanding for any qualification,3 days ago my senior brother that was jobless is now employed with company taking care of his accommodation. Just yesterday, i was promoted from a porter to a receptionist. Daddy, all this is nothing but the hand of the lord. Help me worship the lord for God is truly bigger than failure.

       Finally, daddy pls don`t always delay sending me prophetic words, they are my destiny.pls extend my heartfelt regards and testimony to everyone around u.

Remain victorious, Samuel ur son, Nigeria

Hi, REv. Aforen 
   Im writing to you because I want to let you know personally how my life changed after I gave that covenant of $100 last time you were at the call center.
   Back in April 12th  God started to answer one of my many prayers by giving me the house i wanted, with all the specifications I asked.
   Well Its still a new development and they estimate that by August of next year they should be turning in the houses to the owners.. anyways
   The Lord made THIS HOUSE show in the system the day I decided to call, not only that, Its the biggest house in the entire project. I went and paid a separation fee, and we started applying  in different banks to be pre-qualified. 
  While I was waiting to hear from the bank is when I decided to go to the call center  my mom told me you were going to be there, but I was touched so I gave you the covenant of $100 dollars.
   The next morning I get a call from the bank to tell me that I was approved for the loan and i had 24 hours to go to the real state and pay the remaining $400 dollars they required to separate the house. I had no money at that time .. 
   The company were I work had assigned a new general manager to our office and I meet him over some emails, we had never meet…. but let me tell you ..the Lord touched this man to lend me the $400 dollars I needed .. a complete stranger  was lending me money…..
  SO  by Friday April 30th  I was paying the remaining amount of the separation fee of the house and signing contracts.
  Next week Wednesday May 5th I meet my new boss.. and as soon as he stepped into the office asked me to start looking for another location for the office, but look for an office with 4 parking spaces (we are only 4 employees and Im the only one that doesnt have a cart.. when I heard that i knew that God was already working on that)  and also he changed our shifts from 7:30-500pm to 7:30 to 3pm .. told us that the company was going to pay us a medical insurance for us and our families and also a life insurance. 
He said that he wanted the new office to be in the Dorado Area…
I was so shocked by how God moved in those 2 weeks 
    I had been praying to be able to inscribe my kids in the Panama Christian Academy but to do so, I needed a shift that ended at 3pm  and was hoping that the office could be relocated to EL Dorado Area to work close to my kids school..
I have not been able to take my kids to do the test in that school to see if they are accepted but the Lord already is arranging everything. 
he made:
* a House show in the computer at the exact moment I called
* a bank give me the approval of a loan when I did not had the time in my current job to even apply.
* a complete stranger give me $400 out of his pocket so I could pay the separation fee
* gave me new office hours
*the boss decide to move the office to the area that is close to were I want my kids to go to school.
*gave me a life and medical insurance for me and my family
Just in less that 2 weeks
I have no words to describe how much I appreciate and Love God at this time in my life
saying  thank you to God doesn’t seem enough, everywere I look I see him, I see his hand moving to make all things work together for my good.
I have been said by a cap driver that in the Name of the Lord I will move to this house with all new furniture.. all my old belongings I will have to give them away
  A real state girl told me that In the Name of God I will have brand New car to go to my house
In the name of God I declare that Those words will come 
Walking by faith has been the most amazing journey I have ever experienced. No matter what happens I will always love God.
I wanted to share this with you since you were a part of it too 

Sis Paulina Caceres
Panama City,
Panama Republic


Calvary greeting from Belize and how are you? hope all is well. Just to let you know that your prayer has attracted a testimony.

The letter I send to Belmopan last 2week,On Monday they call me to come and pick the license for me to start work, God is good and wonderful,  so merciful, I can now practice my profession as a nurse, thanks so much,

Another testimony is that  I saw you in my dream,  I started having stomach upset 4 days ago,  so in my dream you rub my tummy and said your are healed, again you asked  me to tell you the significant of the things you gave to me so I said

The sun shade is for spiritual inner eye

Cream increase anointing

Supplement tabs for total healing

Umbrella is for divine protection, and then you ask me what about the purse/wallet and I ask what purse, you then said the purse then I reply that the purse is for divine wealth. I was full of joy only to wake up it was all a dream but I still believe in it,

I pray that God will continue to increase you in all rounds

Stay blessed

From Sis Chinwe in Belize, Central America


Beloved and appreciated Reverend Aforen: 

It is a pleasure for me to respond on this occasion and to thank in the name of the Lord, all the mail I receive from you, since I signed up to your page.

I must say that since you were in our city of Panama, at the Festival of Abundance, which was conducted by the Hosanna Apostolic Community Church, where I met you through the television screen in one of its interventions in which you exhorted people to participate in. I was one of those greatly blessed people and I thank the Lord first, because what was agreed, the Lord blessed and multiplied.

I pray to the Lord, to keep using you powerfully as it has done in your life.

You may not remember me, because I know there are so many people you talked, but I want to remind you that I called the call center Hosanna, during the Festival and went on the air, I asked for prayers for my son who was in Buenos Aires, Argentina and  here in Panama, they had called to tell me that my son was missing for two days.

You prayed for him and you said that within a few hours I would receive a call from there, giving us news that had appeared. Reverend, those prophetic words so accurate because only two hours passed and we received the call to tell us that he had appeared.

You also said that in the coming weeks, changes were going to occur in his life and that the LORD, had great blessings for him and in the Name which is above every name Jesus Christ, it has been so.  He has a new job, love for his family has grown and I told him: son, the only thing that’s missing is Christ may dwell in your heart to be blessed.

Again, thank you Reverend for encouraging and exhorting on that occasion. It is my sincere hope that the Lord, continue training you powerfully on all your tours and in your ministry and always count with my prayers, now that you’re in the city of Salvador, we know and we trust that the Lord will use you powerfully as He did here in Panama and has done everywhere He opened doors for your ministry.

May the Lord continue adding powerful and abundant blessings to your life and to all your fellow workers in Christ Jesus, and I hope to visit you on your return to Panama in the next opportunity to welcome you personally.

God bless you and protect you,

with appreciation and love in Christ Jesus,

Patria M. Asyn Salazar

Panama City.


HI Prophet:
I am the person you anointed and prayed for in San Salvador let me tell you the church has been operating for 3 weeks now and the presence of the Holy Spirit has been increasing every Sunday.
I am starting to feel a prophetic anointing and God is now speaking to me like he never had before.
Thank you for hearing the spirit and praying for me for it has changed my life.
Today we hold our first baptism.
We have grown from 6 people to 14.
God bless you and that he may keep on using you to bless the lives of those who get to know you
in Jesus name.

Pastor Carlos Guillermo Magaña

El Salvador


It was a blessing to have met you. My family (wife and children) are very happy to have been in your teachings and prayers, I want you to know that you are always very welcome here in El Salvador, my house is your house. I have attached some photos so you remember who we are.
We are beginning at our house to praise and pray GOD cultos, last week we gathered 40 people and we are very very happy to ADORE AND PRAISE GOD, JESUSCHRIST IS JUST WONDERFUL AND POWERFULL, 3 people received deliverance. We have been working preaching, praying for people and helping JESUCRISTO POR SIEMPRE Ministry and will keep doing it.


Elmer, Yese, Oscar, Andrea and ElmerJR.

El Salvador


Dalghir Barnett

Many thanks, I was the woman who met you near the front door of our church, and told u the testimony about how I didn’t has the $50 BUT WHEN I GOT home, I found it on my table, my mother left me this money to paid bills, but I gave this money to God as a pact, well my testimony is that I’m a saleswoman and I normally sale 3,000 or 5,000 per month granite and mar mol slabs… but on June, I trust on God and on this pact with him, and I sold 28,000 USD. It´s INCREDIBLE….!!! Many Thanks for this lesson of faith. God Bless you more and More, Regards and Hugs,

Dalghir – Panama


I have been listening to your messages on War against Witchcraft to deal with some fears. So something interesting happened. A couple, friends of mine came to me crying for help because their eldest son was about dying in Hospital. As I heard them I could identify the spirit of witchcraft wrapped around them. So I went to their house, connected the laptop to their tv set and asked them to listen to your messages and to pray with you to break loose from all evil. I interpreted the messages.

Well, the anointing was so strong after the 4th message…. they were slain in the spirit. They were so dizzy that they could not get up. They got free and their house was filled with peace. Their daughter-in-law had a hunch back. The next day her back was totally straightened out! They were loosened and healed!

That was the best way I found to help them … This is an encouraging testimony of His power!

in His love,



2013- Lisbon, Portugal.







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