The Theory of Loveways to Say I Love You

The Theory Of Love

The Spontaneous Expression of Love

The perfect moment to say the three words “I love you”

The theory of love:

Love has myriads of definitions in our world. Love can mean a deep, unselfish and unexplainable feeling shared between a husband and wife. It can also mean a connection and unselfish pursuit of another who are not necessarily married as well. The attachment that is shared by friends can be termed as love. When a person gives up his or her own aspirations and ambitions for someone else, it can be termed as love. Love can mean taking upon oneself the afflictions that actually belong to another. Love does not reason why, it is a curious incalculable emotion that makes one feel wonderful.

Love offers the courage to brave any situation. Love will help you to confront all troubles in life and not escape like a coward. Love makes one walk the right path. It exhorts one to speak out when probably he or she desires to stay mum. When the world around you is scared and terrified, love will let you communicate with the Almighty. The scriptures reveal that love is always victorious; love will strengthen you and make you do all that needs must be done, no matter how difficult it is.

Love can live through all obstacles. It will help you to deal with doubt, suspicion and anxiety. It will assist you to continue staying with a wife who is given to infidelity, it will also give you the courage and determination to let her go if such need arises. Love enables one to bear any kind of financial crisis; you will tolerate your insolent children who care not to abide by the rules that you set for them. Love will provide you with the strength to bear the nastiness of the ones who you mistakenly consider to be your well –wishers.

Love offers the capability to be sincere and truthful. We often think that speaking the truth is simple, but not always is so the case. Love chooses to be truthful much though it might be misunderstood. When someone loves you deeply, he or she will not hesitate to be truthful. It reveals that they have their faith in you and are therefore sincere and genuine. Love comes with certain authenticity and frankness.

Love is an emotion that cannot be defined by words; it is just felt and experienced. Love makes up our world. It is through the revelation of some traits of love that we exhibit our fellow feeling. Love makes us better people. Man is a social animal and he needs love to survive. Fall in love or rather rise in it – it is beautiful!

The Spontaneous Expression of Love

The moment our eyes met I understood that she loved me passionately. It was the warmth in her eyes that said it all. Much though we were supposed to meet at five, he reached the appointed place at three- thirty. This feeling was so familiar to me. His impatience, restlessness and his joy on seeing me was proof enough that he loved me. As she approached me, her pace grew swifter- that moment I realized she was in love with me.

While conversing with him about this and that, he read out a few poems he had previously written- it did not for even a while make me feel that it could have been composed for some other person. I was conscious that I was the subject of his love poems. The main problem is that people know not how to communicate their emotions.

They keep wondering if they require books or some kind of instruction to express their desire. However, the truth is that it is just spontaneous and frank.

Love is beautiful and pure. It is celestial and intense. It is neither for skeptics nor for people who try to make profit out of everything and look upon life as a business deal. Neither is it for those who are consumed with lust. Love is for all who are honestly looking for a special someone who will complete them. Love is meaningful to those who search for words in silence. Love is for the irrational and the unreasonable. Love is for the one who can put behind anything for love. Love is wonderful!

The moment I behold a happy couple so much in love with each other, I can no longer think about all the spilt ups, divorces and other failed relationships. They look so beautiful together. All that I fret about fades away into nothingness. Instantly I am reminded of how we have corrupted what the Almighty has formed. Love with all its purity and innocence stands before me. I request and urge you to love someone intensely, love him or her with all your heart and soul. Let it be free and frank. You will require no help; no guides can be of any assistance. Love the feeling of being in love; let your beloved comprehend it by her or himself. He or she will know.

The perfect moment to say the three words “I love you”

The primary problem is looking for that right moment to convey your feelings. People parallel their process of falling in love with varied situations. To some it is like being stuck in between the eyes with a huge baseball bat. Few others compare love to a soft cozy furry thing that creeps up stealthily and bites them on their bum with its sharp teeth. Some even say that love is like a natural catastrophe – it rises, reaches a crescendo and then falls on the person like a huge wave crashing down. The problem still lingers-how to locate the right the moment of confession.

Once you are in love your chief concern is how to let the other person know about your feelings. The three apparently easy words carry diverse consequences with it. There lies the possibility of acceptance and then again the equal chance of being rejected. Consider these few points when you are to propose to your beloved, they will you stay calm and not be too emotional.

Understand your feelings first. It is important that you know your desires before you say anything to him or her. Love can be of a wide range- be sure if you want someone for your lifetime or if it a fling for a short while that you are looking for.

Moreover, if you are looking for sex, then do not even mention love in your conversation. Your confession of love then is not genuine and women tend to realize these emotions and specially this sincerity in the tone of the voice very quickly. It is only when you feel that you can wake up every morning to see your beloved sleeping next to you, that you can endure her weird habits and her disgusting ways that completely irritate you, that you will miss her terribly when she is gone, it is THEN that you know that you are in love and you can confess your love to her. It is at this moment that you will be sincere and genuine.

Girls can hide their emotions really well- so it is not just important to be confident about your own emotions but also know what she truly desires. When you confess your emotions, it is also significant for you to consider her thoughts. Girls can flaunt looks that seem to say that they know what you mean. I am quite sure that you know these typical “looks”.

However there are certain methods by which you will be sure about her feelings- if your love is just a one sided thing or if she reciprocates. The easiest and the best methods are by reading her laughter and her smiles. Bring a smile to her lips and she just might start liking you. The other sign is the kind of conversations that you share with her. If it is just you ranting all the time, then she is definitely not interested.

As we all know women adore talking. So in case she is too quiet then you do not stand a chance. The third factor is the amount of time you both spend together. It is easy to understand that unless a girl likes being with you she will definitely not spend hours with you. Now this might mean that she looks upon you as a good friend and nothing more. But again, most happy and successful marriages happen when the couple starts their relationship as buddies.

The last suggestion can be extremely simple or as difficult for you to accomplish – it is based on your outlook. For all those who are calculative and love to organize things before they venture on any event, confessing love to the beloved might be disorienting.

But like we all know love is irrational and illogical. Hence do not even try logical and planned gestures when it comes to love. I would suggest that do not mention anything to the girl of your choice; do not fret about when to tell her that you love her; live your life with her joyously, spend time together, enjoy your outings.

The right moment will come by itself- maybe she will assist you in finding the right time. She just might say or do something g that will lead you to feel a sudden rush of affection and you just might articulate your thoughts at that time. Your words will form effortlessly and this natural outburst of emotions will appeal to her much more than it would had you planned things.

Revealing to your beloved through various actions that you love him or her is much more significant than just letting them know that they are loved. This helps in the growth of the relationship. There are myriads of ways in which you can make the person feel special and needed, “I love you” comprises of just three words. Make use of romantic ideas to let the special someone knows you care. Let words as well as your silence articulate your emotions.

Let your lover know just how much you love him or her and how special he or she is to you. This will definitely add a bit more passion to your relationship. However it is also quite intoxicating- people who consider themselves to be unromantic will be utterly surprised at their capability to make their partners feel so precious.

A dash of romance adds excitement to a relationship. Spending a lot of money does not necessarily mean that you are very romantic – on the contrary an act of love which is genuine and involves no money is often considered to be priceless.

Here are a few beautiful ways in which you can express your love for your beloved. They are just a few methods but you can do just about anything to tell him or her that you are in love with him or her. These are easy and simple methods of telling them how precious they are,. Work on one of these each day or you can even incorporate them in the methods that you devise for your man or lady.

You might be terribly nervous Saying “I love you” for the first time. Recognize and utilize the chances that are available to be romantic. Do it and your relationship will be beautiful and enjoyable.

101 ways to express your feelings – they won’t cost you much too!

1. Write your lover an original, romantic poem – poetry is a beautiful way of letting your feelings show. Do not care if it is bad or silly. Several people feel that they cannot write romantic love poetry to their love as certain norms and rules need to be abided by and these are learned over a long period of time. Well only if you wish to be the subsequent Poet Laureate of the United States, then you definitely need to go through love poems and even attend poetry lessons. But for your lover, just let your feelings flow.

All you need is one lazy afternoon to pen down your thoughts for your beloved. You of course do not require years that were taken by eminent romantic poets to compose their verses. Write anything you feel, be it naughty, silly or funny, and your darling will cherish it forever.

You can choose any paper to write your poem on- it can be a chit of paper and you can leave it on his or her pillow, or maybe with a card or you can even put it inside a nice book that you plan to give him or her. The paper on which you write is not even half as significant as the words that express your feelings for him or her.

Always enjoy what you are doing- love the poem that you are composing for your special someone. If you do not appreciate it, then you will end up wasting a lot of time on so small an action and it will also lose it charm. In case you are not very sure about the lines that you are composing, then make it short and sweet. Your significant other will understand your love through those few lines.

It is not at all essential for a love poem to be absolutely melodramatic and full of sighs. If you are capable of composing such a poem then it is awesome. Otherwise make it short and pretty; articulate your emotions and it will definitely become a poignant verse. A funny and silly poem can reflect on your feelings as much as a sentimental love lyric can. Let your poem be a reflection of your relationship. Your significant other will be delighted to know that you care so much.

It is not at all important for you to understand the technicalities of poem composition in order to rite a poem for the one you love. You can choose to write your poem in rhymed couplets, or even one that has a prose structure. Your objective is to make your beloved feel auspicious; it is not for the whole world to read, it is for that special someone who is the pivot of your life.

Look for a cozy nook, pen down all that you feel for your lover. I am quite sure that your significant other will cherish it forever, does not matter how well or badly it has been composed. They will feel so needed and loved. In order to mould a wonderful romantic relationship , you need to let the other person know how important they are to you.

2. Say I love you when giving a romantic massage

Physical touch is very important in a romantic relationship and what better than a romantic massage. Most lovers are a little apprehensive about experimenting with the massage due to the some inhibitions or the other.

However, a massage by your partner can actually be a wonderful experience that could bring you closer together. Romantic massages can be a great way to share your time together and get to know each other better. It is a great way of showing that you care and expressing your love for your partner.

Create the right ambience and enjoy a wonderful evening together with a romantic massage. The ambience plays an important role in creating the right feel and ensuring that it is a moment that you would treasure.

Make efforts to create the right mood. You could do this by playing around with the lighting and probably use some scented candles for setting the stage for a pleasurable moment. Covey your love and express your feelings to your partner.

With the right mood and you by the side playing the role of a loving masseur the experience sure is going to be a wonderful one. Expressing one’s feelings is very important. You may actually feel the love for your partner but saying or expressing it in any other way is what would make your lover feel special and desired.

Decide to have the massage at a time when you would get time together that is uninterrupted. Music can be added to set the right mood and make it a special occasion. A romantic massage is a great way to unwind and relax.

3. Understanding your lover is a very important step to sharing a wonderful relationship. Learn all about your lover’s hobby or unique interest. This would bring you closer together. Taking interest in what your lover would like to do or enjoys doing is a way of connecting a sharing some beautiful moments.

4. The way to the heart is through the stomach is an age old saying. This may sound very funny at times; however, if you really want to make your way to your lover’s heart you must prepare a romantic meal. This would go to show as to how much you care. Create the right ambience and make it truly special with a romantic candle light evening.

5. A romantic movie is a great idea to spend a great evening together. You could rent a movie and enjoy watching it together.

6. Say it with words. Making a list and conveying your preferred romantic memories to your lover can actually turn on your partner. This would convey to your partner as to how much the time spent together means to you.

7. Romance is the only element that keeps your relationship young. For the romantic each day is a day to express one’s love and make your partner feel special and loved. If what you have in mind is saying “I love you” then the ways to express it are many. Although every relationship is different due to the differences in individuals, the underlying factor of every relationship is the same.

Every relationship needs love, care and you must not hesitate to express these feelings. Do not miss out on any chance to say “I Love You”. Each one of us has only one life and let your lover know how much you love and care for him or her. Do not hold back your feelings. Just like you would like to hear the words “I Love You”, it is definite that these very words would be music to your partner’s ear too.

Every relationship should be continuously worked at to keep it young and fresh. Be imaginative and make every day truly special and wonderful for your lover. Do not let your relationship die a natural death over time. Make sure you pump in all the love that you have on a regular basis.

Pleasant surprises are always welcome for anyone and everyone. Surprise your partner by saying “I Love You” at the least expected moment. Its never too much how much ever you say it. Tell your partner about how much you love him or her. An “I Love You” surprise is always welcome and can always light up that face with a smile. Love is only going to make your bonding stronger and make you happier. Do not let that spark in your relation die. Keep it alive with the love that you have.

Go all out to express your feelings it would only make your relationship stronger. The butterflies in your stomach and that mushy feeling in your head was what you experienced when you first met, retain the charm and that feeling forever.

8. Your lover’s mother is a very important and valued person in his or her life. By giving importance to that person you also become more important. Thank your lover’s mother for making your life wonderful by gifting you such a lovely person.

9. Wash the dishes along with your lover. Small little things can mean a lot in life and so just a small act that goes to show that you care can mean a lot to your partner.

10. Flowers can say a lot that you probably found difficult to express. Romantic flowers are a great gift that says “I Love You”. Just the fact that you remembered to get flowers goes to say how important you are. It shows how often your partner thinks about you. A simple and easy to get gift, flowers can actually have a wonderful effect. Be creative, think hard and try to make it truly special.

Say it with flowers and that too with surprising freshness every time. A special person needs a special moment, so go all out and make the moment really special and say it with flowers.

Do not wait for anniversaries or birthdays to get a flower or a bouquet for your partner. Surprises always have a greater impact. So spring a surprise and make your partner know how much you care. You need not go in for expensive bouquets. The value of the gift is not what is but it is the thought behind it that is.

Flowers have been a friend of the romantic for ages, however they still continue to spread that magic in any and every relationship. Roses or any other flower of your choice at the least expected moment would have the best results. Make your partner feel special and wanted, it would go a long way in keeping your relationship young and fresh. You can gift a flower to your boyfriend or husband too.

Flowers are not only for males to gift to women they have a great effect the other way too. Try out the magic of flowers and make it more often. Flowers really have a magical effect that can spread scent and freshness in your life and relationship.

11. A trip to the museum or any other place of interest to your lover. This would be a great outing that is a way of saying that I respect your interests and would be by your side always.

12. Little things can go a long way in saying “I Love You”. A simple act like putting a photo of the two of you together in a beautiful picture frame can go to say a lot about your feelings. Although you need to express your feelings verbally yet many things do not need words to express. In fact, it’s best to say it without words. A small act like this would help strengthen your bonding and bring you closer together.

13. Letting your partner know about your love is important but a situation where your partner comes to hear from friends and family as to how much he or she loves you is a great feeling.

Brag to your friends or family and tell them about the person in your life you value the most. Getting to know about the love your partner has for you from a third person is a great feeling too. It just goes to show how proud your partner is about having you share his or her life and how much your presence is valued.

14. Interacting with your lover’s family is equally important. Family is very important to any person and it is important that you too love and respect your partner’s family.

Spending time with your partner’s family and knowing them better would help make your relationship stronger.

15. Send out a greeting card to your partner to say “I Love You”. Buying one of those cards and sending it to your partner may not be very romantic. However buying a plain card and adding your words to it can make it very special indeed.

A few loving words or a poem can make your partner feel truly special. A personalized greeting card can convey a lot and that too at a very low cost. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to convey your feelings. Your partner is sure to be surprised by your innovative idea and a few bucks can actually bring an invaluable smile to your lover’s face.

Keep alive that spark that was a part of your relationship in the early heady days. Do not let that spark go out of your life. Be unpredictable and spring a surprise every once a while. A true romantic is one who is always on the look out for new and innovative ideas to say “I Love You”.

Any times are great times to say “I Love You” so don’t wait for the right moment. In love there is no particular right moment. Every moment is right to express your feelings. Do not ever hesitate to express the love you have for your partner. You may love your partner a lot but it is indeed difficult for your partner to understand your love unless you express it.

You do not have to be a poet or a great writer to send out a card that can bring a smile to your lover’s face. Just the words “I Love You” can make a world of difference. Write out a personal message, stick a stamp and send out your card by mail.

The postal service although an old-fashioned means today, plays the perfect cupid when it comes to springing a surprise. You may even want to make it better and send out the card to the office of your lover.

16. Physical touch is very important in any relationship. Do not hesitate in giving your lover a hug. There is really no right time for a hug you could express your feelings any time whether the first thing in the morning, after getting back from work or the last thing of the day. A hug is a simple but wonderful way of saying “I Love You” and that you mean the world to me. Just the physical closeness of your partner can mean a lot. Physical interaction is very important for a strong bonding. You need to feel the physical reassurance in the relationship that conveys that “I am there for you always”.

In the fast paced world of today when everybody is very busy with a home and career, taking time off to understand and express your feelings is very important. A hug is a wonderful way of saying as to how much you missed your partner. You really need not gift expensive stuff to show your love. A true lover would appreciate the little gestures and small acts that express your love.

17. Spending time with each other is very important. You may bring back the most expensive gifts for your love from your business trip but with no time for your lover you just cannot go on for long with a relationship.

Work is definitely important but the feeling that your number one priority in life is your lover truly makes the other person feel special. Keeping pace with the fast life of today can actually be very demanding and in this busy schedule you may find that you are not spending enough time with your lover.

Sending signals that would evoke a feeling of self doubt in your partner can do a lot of harm to your relationship. It is very important that your partner feels special and desired all along for happiness in your relationship.

A romantic hug, a massage or a short holiday on a weekend could go to strengthen the bonding and making your partner feel truly loved and special. Saying it with words either in person or through a greeting card could be a great way to express your love. After a certain time in a relationship you may feel that it is now not very important to let your partner know that you love them.

However, this is not true. Every relationship that has withstood the test of time needs the strong foundation – love. You need to seal it with love and care. You need to let your partner know how much you love or care about them. This would go a long way in making your relationship a pleasant experience all through.

18. Cooking for your partner is a wonderful way of expressing your love. Make your partner feel special with breakfast in bed. Make out a hearty breakfast and serve your partner in bed. Cooking for your partner also lets you understand their likes and dislikes regarding food.

Check with your partner about their specific tastes and make out a fabulous meal. You would find all the help that you need online with a huge number of cooking sites offering hundreds of recipes. Cooking together is also a real romantic idea. You could cook a great meal together and enjoy a superb time together in each other’s company in the kitchen. Surprise your partner with your culinary skills.

Experiment and try out the dish first before serving your partner. A great meal made by you can mean a lot to your partner. Present the food well. Create the right ambience with music, light and the best table settings and make it a memorable occasion for your lover.

19. An outing together need not necessarily make a hole in your pocket. You could go for a short walk or just a stroll holding hands and enjoying the lovely weather can mean a lot for a romantic partner. Little things can actually go on to making a world of difference in your relationship.

20. Learn to take out time for your partner however busy your schedule may be. Try out some small but interesting things together like enjoying a sport or just watching TV. How much time has gone by since you got to know each other first, you need to work hard to keep your relationship young and fresh. It is important to make the other person feel special and desired so do not leave out any opportunity. Say “I Love You” every time possible and make it very different and an absolute surprise every time.

21. Save romantic souvenirs from every date you go out, these could just be the movie tickets, the restaurant bill or simply any thing that can remind you of the wonderful time you had.

22. You can clean your lover’s car for them to show that you care.

23. You can take your partner on a romantic ride.

24. To show how much you love your partner you can write down a 101 reasons list for your partner.

25. You can gift your partner a scrap book which contains his pictures. These can be his pictures from childhood to present day. Your partner is sure to get moved once he realizes you showed so much interest in his earlier years of life.

If you have been in a relationship long enough or you are married then I am sure you must have got hold of a whole lot of pictures of your sweetheart. These pictures can be the ones of your lovers childhood, his school days even his family album. Sitting together and laughing over some embarrassing photo brings you a lot closer in your existing relationship.

If you have got hold of some of your lovers picture then don’t wait, make sure to make a scrap book out of it. Even if you have never made a scrap book before you need not worry. Once you go to a local craft store you are sure to find an entire section allocated for making scrap books. You are sure to find lots of fun stuff to put in and you can choose the theme that most suits you.

If you dedicate just a few minutes daily to your scrap book then you are sure to come up with an amazing scrap book in a few weeks. You can decide when you want to give this scrap book to your lover, but I think gifting this scrap book on no special day would take your lover completely aback. He will surely love this gift of yours and will cherish it for the rest of his life.

26. Do not wait for Valentines Day to show how much you love your sweetheart. Even sharing an inexpensive box of candy with your love goes a long way in saying that you care.

27. Go down memory lane and build sand castle at the beach.

28. Bring back the same spark in your relationship by taking your lover to the same place where you’ll had gone on your first date.

29. Small things count the most; surprise your lover by doing small acts such as sewing a torn piece of article for them.

30. Give your lover a romantic thank you note for bringing so much happiness in your life. Tell her what her presence means to you.

31. If you come across a romantic poem for your lover, email it to her. Show her that all romantic things remind you of that special person in your life.

32. Even when you are alone whisper sweet romantic words in your lover’s ear and watch her turn scarlet!

33. Put a picture of your lover on your car dash board.

34. Make a romantic photo album of the pictures of you and your lover. You can walk down the memory lane and relive all the special moments with your lover.

35. Have flowers delivered at your lover’s work place or home to tell her that she is always on your mind.

36. You can take your lover for an afternoon hike or walk.

37. You can read romantic poetry to your lover. I know reading romantic poetry to your lover seated under a tree is downright sappy, but you can just read something if not poetry.

I know, most of you would feel very embarrassed reading out aloud to your lover, it might even remind you of literature classes in school, but trust me it really is a good way to get over the little distance that you have with your lover in the initial stages of your relationship. Reading out to each other really helps to bring you close.

Having fun is important in all relationship; you can actually laugh and giggle at what you are reading.

What you read is entirely up to you. If you are in a romantic mood you could read out romantic poems. You could select some novels, maybe some all time classic. Also if you know that there is a book that your sweetheart loved when she was young then you could surprise her by reading it out to her.

Whether you are reading in the privacy of your bedroom or in a park under the tree, the idea is just to get close to your partner. It is the best way to get comfortable with your partner and boost your love life further.

38. Try to gift your partner something that you have made on your own. It could be a winter hat or a glove knitted by you or any other thing. You may be horrible at knitting but let me assure you your lover will price the knitted glove way above an expensive glove bought from the market.

39. Kiss your partner on the cheeks everyday. Remember that small gestures are more important than lavish gifts. You may take your girlfriend out on an expensive dinner for her birthday but then birthdays comes only once in a year. Your special someone deserves to have everyday to be special. These small gestures such as a peck on the cheek can make your lover smile through out the day.

Many people think that a peck is what parents and grandchildren give their child. But this notion should not deter you from expressing your feelings. You should remember that a heartfelt kiss speaks more than what a thousand words can say.

A kiss on the cheeks is a perfect thing to do if the circumstances do not allow for anything more. When you are about to leave each other when you meet each other unexpectedly then this is the perfect thing to do.

40. Sometimes when you live together you forget to actually tell your partner what they mean to you. They are taken for granted most of the times. It would be a real nice gesture to mail your sweetheart a card saying just blessed you are to have got her.

41. Small touches speak louder than a thousand words. While walking together just put a gentle hand around her shoulder. It will make her feel warm, secure and loved.

42. Make a romantic calendar for your partner. Put pictures of you and your partner for the different months. Give a gift that your partner can see through out the day and not something that lies locked away in some cupboard.

43. You can watch a romantic movie at home with your sweetheart and have a perfect evening. Microwave a bowl of popcorn and you are all set. The most exciting thing about being in a relationship is that there is no end of the whole variety of new things that you can do and try out to boost your love life.

The best thing to do after a romantic meal or dinner is to curl up on a couch and watch a movie together. Watching movies at home is great. Watching movies in a theatre is not quite as romantic. You can only sit holding each others hands. It is quiet in a theatre and you cannot talk to your sweetheart nor can you cuddle up.

44. You can also take your partner for a drive in the rich part of the town looking at houses together. This will be a very nice and dreamy experience. Once you’ll move in to your own house you will always remember these days when you would sit dreaming about the perfect little home.

46. We rarely tell our sweethearts the four most important word that is “I am proud of you!” . How many times do you say these magical four letter words to your sweetheart? Not many of us relies the importance of these words. But it is as important as telling your sweetheart that you love her.

Well most of you may be thinking as to why we need to say that we are proud of our partners. It may not seem as romantic as saying “I love you” but the fact is that, when you say that you are proud of your partner, you indirectly say that I love you so much because I am so proud of you

Generally parents and teachers use the phrase “I am proud of you” but let me ask you. Aren’t you at times thinking if your lover is alright with the way you conduct yourself, don’t you need the assurance that your behavior and habits are okay with your lover. In such a case if your partner tells you that he or she is proud of you then al your questions will be put to rest. I think I have made a clear point here. Saying “I am proud of you” is as important in a romantic relationship as saying “I love you”

Express to her that before you met her you existed but after being with her you have actually started living! Tell her how you feel when that shy smile creeps across her face. Let her know how cute she looks when her nose flares up in anger. Tell her how conveniently she changes in to a mother in times of need, a critic when something has to be corrected and a doting friend when you need some one.

Tell her everything, pour out your heart. Tell her that she is the beautiful reality of your sweetest imagination. I am sure when your lover sees this she’ll be left speechless and all the more in love with you.

49. Make sure to notice even the smallest needs of your lover. When your partners hands are cold outside breathe on it to make it warm .It says a lot more than you realize.

50. Make your lover a CD of all the songs that are special to you. If the first time you danced with your partner on “the way you look tonight” make sure to have that track.

Have all the songs that bring back memories and you can spend a cozy evening listening to these songs and refreshing the old memories.

51. A romantic picnic on a bright summer day with your lover can be great fun.

52. You could try out some of your lover’s favorite hobbies or sports, or your lover could try out some of yours. Since two people are seldom exactly alike, a good relationship or marriage is one which sees the dissimilar sides of both people harmonizing together, and also the new experiences which each can offer the other.

You don’t have to be just like each other in order to have a good relationship. Try and focus on the stuff which you two don’t have in common, and this could be the basis for many romantic ideas where you could get to know each other even better.

Find out what your lover’s hobbies and interests are. They might like to listen to a particular kind of music, or enjoy a certain sport, or like reading a certain genre of books. This could be the foundation of certain ideas which you could do together – something you never thought you would do yourself. Exploring some of your lover’s interests could help you to get even closer to him or her and also be a source of a lot of fun.

When you show how interested you are in your lover’s hobbies, it will be an unexpected source of happiness for him or her. It will be a pleasant surprise that you want to learn more about them and the things they like. Be simple and straightforward about it – just ask your lover to teach you or include you in their hobby because you want to be part of the fun. Take it in a spirit of fun – laugh at any mistakes you make, and learn from them. Ask your partner to be patient with you as you learn.

The other way to go about this is to learn one of your lover’s hobbies on your own, and then surprise them with it. Your lover will be given a nice surprise when you can say some stuff about the topic they are interested in which will show him or her how much you care and want to share in his or her life and activities. Imagine just how happy your special someone will be when you tell him or her that you’ve been teaching yourself in private.

The most important thing is that, when you learn to share in your lover’s interests, it will be yet another source of togetherness and fun. It will simultaneously broaden your horizons too and help you two to work together in everything. While doing the fun things together, you can learn to handle the serious stuff together too.

Now that you know what to do, start thinking about which new hobby you are going to share with your lover!

53. Try and remember the special moments of the first date and the first kiss you had with your lover and tell him or her about it.

54. Send love letters to your lover on their mobile phone by using romantic and sweet text messages. In the olden days, people had to express their love for each other by using quills dipped in ink, flowery script and perfumes.

Nowadays, with the invention of LCD screens and micro circuitry, things have got a lot simpler. Melodramatic lovers, like the famous Cyrano de Bergerac spent many hours thinking up romantic ideas and writing elaborately to his beloved one before sealing the parchment with wax which was the color of rose and sending the letter off to the special woman with a courier as soon as he could find one.

Earlier, when there was no communication between the lovers except through letters, every obstacle used to be overcome whether it was by secret delivery late at night, on horseback, or even through the medium of pigeons.

Love knew no barriers even when there was the question of overcoming the distance and oppression. Nowadays, lovers no longer require the long hand-written letters of yore. Just switching on the computer and typing out your expressions of love will be enough. You don’t need to find a courier to take your letter either.

You just click on ‘send’ in the e-mail, and your lover will get your missive in seconds! Thus, modern technology has completely changed the way lovers communicate with each other. It is a cheap and easy method of telling your lover how much you think of him or her during the day, and it helps you remain in constant touch even if you’re not physically together.

Cell phones are an added boon since you no longer need your lover to get home before you can call him or her up. You can reach them on their cell phones at all times of the day and night, any time you wish to talk. And, if you’re in a business meeting and cannot pick up the cell phone, a text message will serve the purpose. Thus, the love letters of the olden days have just been given a modern touch.

Many people think that hand-written letters are the only medium which can properly maintain a personal touch, and that the modern technology such as e-mail and cell phones and SMS only make relationships impersonal. However, this is not really true.

Modern technology can in fact increase a couple’s contact with each other. They can instantly convey their feelings to each other. While at work, you might miss your lover or remember a sweet moment you shared with him or her right before you left for work.

Text messaging allows you to send your lover a message telling him or her how you feel – this will be a private message just for your lover’s eyes without anyone else knowing about it. Plus, you can avoid the awkward pauses and blank spots which often come up between new couples with a text message. A short message will convey your feelings to the loved one.

However, don’t overdo the romantic texting. It’s nice and sweet, but it might get annoying if you do it 25 times a day!

Thus, now that you know exactly how to proceed in this matter, go ahead and start texting!

56. Tell your lover you love him or her by writing on a window or a mirror with a bar of soap. Don’t worry about not being able to get it off, it’ll wash off easily.

59. Surprise the special someone in your life by bringing lunch at the office without informing beforehand.

60. Throw some rose petals on the bed before your lover comes to bed, and give him or her a nice and romantic surprise.

61. Draw little hearts on construction paper, cut the shapes out, and leave them all over the house so that your lover comes across them suddenly all the time.

62. Send your lover an email saying you love him or her, just to let your lover know that you’re thinking about him or her.

You could also search the internet for a beautiful, romantic picture of a couple and send it to your lover with a short message explaining how much that reminded you of him or her.

If you’re not the creative type, you could send one of the e-cards which are so easily available. Since you’re surfing the Internet at this moment, why don’t you take a couple of minutes to send your loved one an e-card just now?

63. Plant your lover’s favorite flowers on the windowsill planter or in the yard.

64. Make a nice, romantic, yet funny card where you could draw a picture of the two of you on a date. Don’t worry about bad drawing, the worse – the better!

65. Give your lover an amateur manicure.

67. Cook up a romantic dinner and wait for your lover to return home from work.

68. Irrespective of whether you and your lover are just sitting around, having dinner or are in bed, light soothing, scented romantic candles.

69. Learn how to say ‘I love you’ in a few different languages. Just loving someone is enough, and one does not really have to say in aloud in different ways, but since the words ‘I love you’ brings a smile to everyone’s face, every culture in the world has their own way of saying it.

The following are some ways to say ‘I love you’. Learn a few of these and surprise your lover. He or she will probably be completely confused, and it would be fun to explain just what you said.

1. The way to say “I Love You” in Arabic: Ana Behibak (To A Male) 2. The Way to say “I Love You” in Arabic: Ana Behibek (To A Female) 3. The way to say “I Love You” in Assamese: Moi Tomak Bhal Pau 4. The way to say “I Love You” in Bengali: Ami Tomay Bhalo bashi 5. The way to say “I Love You” in Bolivian: Quechua Qanta Munani 6. The way to say “I Love You” in Bulgarian: Obicham Te 7. The way to say “I Love You” in Burmese: Chit Pa De 8. The way to say “I Love You” in Cambodian: Bon Sro Lanh Oon 9. The way to say “I Love You” in Canadian: Sh’teme 10. The way to say “I Love You” in Catalan: T’estim Molt 11. The way to say “I Love You” in Cebuano: Gihigugma Ko Ikaw 12. The way to say “I Love You” in Chinese: Wo Ie Ni 13. The way to say “I Love You” in Corsican: Ti Tengu Cara (To Female) 14. The way to say “I Love You” in Corsican: Ti Tengu Caru (To Male) 15. The way to say “I Love You” in Croatian: Ljubim Te 16. The way to say “I Love You” in Czech: Miluji Te

70. E-mail a romantic e-card to your lover.

71. After a snowstorm, shovel the driveway so that your lover does not have to.

72. Rotate the tires of the car, or change the oil and surprise your lover.

73. Ask your lover’s family to tell you tips which would help you make your lover happier.

75. Bake a cake for your lover and write a sweet message with the frosting.

76. While eating or just spending time together you should try having some romantic music in the background.

77. Cook something in a new way, for example an outdoor grill, for your lover.

78. When you two are alone dance to romantic music.

79. Try a romantic bike ride with your lover.

80. Be creative. Say something other than just “I love you.”

81. Do things for your lover like mowing the lawn or raking up the leaves.

82. Collect wildflowers and make a romantic bouquet rather than always buy ready-made bouquets all the time.

83. Make candy for your lover at home instead of buying it all the time.

84. Read. While reading is a good habit in itself couples reading to each other can spend some great romantic time this way. Sure, the image of the sappy greeting card with two lovers under a tree reading a poetry book does spring to mind.

It can be romantic as well as fun. Having fun together is an integral part of any relationship. That is why you should set apart some time for this even if it seems silly. After any initial awkwardness that may or may not take place you’ll find that the trust between you two will slowly build cementing the bonds that are already there.

You need not read anything specific, for instance romantic poetry may or may not float your boat. You decide, between the two of you and respect each other’s choices. Love poetry has been written down the ages and a classic will be very easy to find. You could also try a more present-day poet if you like.

85. Go through a book of romantic art together.

86. Collect all notes and cards exchanged between the two of you and make a scrapbook out of them.

87. Go sledding when it snow. It maybe childish but it is great fun.

88. Plan weekend dates for the rest of the month with your lover.

89. You could also try some new recreational activity together.

90. Celebrate your anniversary together all day.

This may seem like an irresponsible situation but remember that you shouldn’t just skip work every time you feel like spending some time with your lover. You need to face your own responsibilities and look after your own careers as well in order to be a good lover.

While it may be okay to forget about the outside world you shouldn’t fall into the bad habit of skipping work for no reason. It is true that there are millions of people who skip work everyday for a variety of reasons that include slothfulness. Laziness is a bad habit.

But if you are a diligent and hard worker then you can afford to give yourself this kind of time off. You deserve to spend some time together and if you are responsible individuals then just go ahead and do it. This is a great way to be romantic as the pressures of work just fall away and you can really be at ease and therefore romantic.

This works especially well if your work keeps you two apart for most of the week. It is often hard, of course to get off from work at the same time. Try juggling work around so that you can fit in as much free time as you can to give to each other. This is what will help make each other feel really special. Doing this, especially if you have been spending, more time away from each other will really enable you to have fun and be romantic.

91. Become a master of making your lover’s favorite drink.

92. Look at what you two have in common. Make a list if you like.

94. Take the time out to phone up your lover at work and remind them that you love them and are thinking of them.

95. While buying jewelry is important you should try your hand at making some at home for your lover.

96. Carry a picture of your lover around with you in your wallet.

97. Baking is always good. Bake a batch of cookies or cupcakes for your lover.

98. Share ice cream with your lover. Perhaps you should sneak out to get some and surprise them.

99. Go to flea markets and garage sales together and buy things you will enjoy. Both the things you buy and the experience itself will be romantic this way.

100. Play games against each other and don’t worry about who wins. Games may or may not be physical.